Each year you need to break the news to your clients that their premiums are increasing again.  There's not much you can do as health costs continue to rise in an increasingly complex environment.

They are looking to you for guidance and a way to help their employees understand their health benefits. Luckily you have DIAL Insights, a platform that allows you to be part of the solution.  With the right plan of action in place, your clients will see a reduction in health claims, have happier employees, and help them stabilize their costs.

DIAL Insights has made our health benefits and consumerism easy to understand. We have received so much positive feedback about how informative it is. Our employees have been thrilled to have this tool.
- Colleen K.
New York Based Company

Create multi-year contribution strategies.

Show employers why the current path they are on can not be sustained and demonstrate how changes to their plan options and contributions can help reduce their health costs.

Provide options for introducing consumer-directed plans and show how shifting employer contributions from premiums to Health Savings Accounts will allow employees to take charge of their own health cost decisions.

Show how employees will be impacted.

Run in-depth analysis to model how these changes will impact employees.  This analysis helps employers allocate dollars in a way that maximizes employee benefits.

Make smarter recommendations

Take advantage of in-depth reporting to determine the right mix of contributions to positively transition employees to lower cost options.

Allow employees to make better decisions.

When it's time for open enrollment, we’ve got you covered though our employee engagement portal.  The Insights Guide will help employees understand their health plan options (including personalized out-of-pocket costs).

The interactive benefits counselor will also make recommendations about how much they should contribute to their HSA to cover annual out-of-pocket medical expenses, dental and vision costs as well as introduce other ways they can save on health care throughout the year.

Provide year-round access to health partners.

Reducing health claims requires employees to make smarter decisions when they use care.  DIAL Insights has partnered with leaders in the health care industry to provide a centralized resource for employees to pay less for medical services when they need care throughout the year.

Real-time campaign and employee results

In-depth analytics will show in real-time how employees are utilizing the platform allowing you to provide valuable insight to your clients.  This includes campaign reports, usage statistics, and real-time feedback of benefit and contribution recommendations.

After the engagement period ends, you can upload an enrollment file to see the impact DIAL Insights had on your employee's benefits decisions.

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