Face it, your premiums are rising...

Offering health benefits used to be a way to gain a competitive edge but costs have been increasing every year.  What do you do?  You can contine to pay more to cover your employee's health insurance premiums, put less in their paycheck, or drop coverage entirely.  In any case, you'll have unhappy employees.  But what if there was a better way?

What if you were able to offer competitive benefits AND allow your employees to save more for their future health costs?

DIAL Insights makes this possible.  DIAL Insights provides the tools and resources you need to create a multi-year contribution strategy, effectively communicate it to employees, and incentivize them to make better health care decisions based upon their own well being.

Here's an example how employers use DIAL Insights to reduce their health costs:

Mary's health options this year consist of a traditional co-pay plan and a newly offered HSA-qualified plan.
Her employer takes advantage of the lower premium and contributes the difference to the employee's HSA account.

Health Plan OptionsCo-PayHSA-Qualfied
Annual Plan Premium$7,400$4,800
Employer Premium Contribution$5,180$3,580
Employer HSA Contribution$1,600
Employee Premium$2,220$1,220

Empower your employees with timely communications...

A few weeks before open enrollment, Mary receives a series of emails introducing the DIAL Insights platform.  She can use it to compare her plan options and figure out how much she should contribute to her tax advantaged accounts.

Allow your employees to make informed decisions about their health plan...

Using the Insight Guide, Mary enters the typical amount of health care she uses in a year. She finds out that the HSA-qualified option is around $1,882 cheaper than the traditional plan and enrolls. She also makes a $500 contribution to her HSA because she now knows it’s a "tax-free" way to save for future health care expenses.

Provide the tools and resources to help them select lower cost health providers...

Mary knows the money in her HSA is hers to keep so she wants to be smart about her health care.  When her doctor recommends an MRI, she uses Healthcare Bluebook, available within DIAL Insights, to find a high-quality, lower cost provider.

And allow your employees to build health care savings for the future...

Mary spends less this year on her total health care needs than in previous years.  She has saved money in her HSA; and because she and her co-workers had lower total health claims, their insurance premiums should not increase as much next year.

Mary's Health CostsLast YearThis YearNext Year
Plan Premium$2,050$1,200$1,240
Out-of-Pocket Costs$280$998$998
Total Health Costs$2,330$2,198$2,238
Mary's HSA Balance$0$1,102$2,204
Assuming similar spending and a lower 3% health premium increase each year

Minimize your total health plan cost, and maximize employee satisfaction...

Mary and her co-workers are better prepared for the future, while her employer spent less on their total health costs.

Kasier Employer Health Benefits Survey 2009-2014
This graph illustrates the cost savings of a 200 person group who went full replacement in 2010 using the national average premium of an HSA qualified vs. a traditional health plan.
Five Year Total Cost Savings


Create a plan to reduce your health costs.

Our benefit planning tools use your claims history to model alternative plan offerings and contribution strategies.

These interactive tools estimate your annual costs allowing a positive transition to benefits designed to reduce your overall health cost trend.

You can run an in-depth analysis to see how changes to plan design and contribution strategy might impact your employees.  This tool helps employers allocate dollars in a way that maximizes the benefit to employees.

Help your employees make better decisions about their health care.

Once you have a plan, it is time to put it in action… During open enrollment, DIAL Insights will engage your employee population with email communications.  These communications are designed to help employees pick the lowest cost plan based on their personalized health care utilization.

The Insights Guide is a ten minute benefits counselor that collects basic dependent information and calculates the total net cost of each plan (including out-of-pocket costs).  Depending on the benefits available, the Insights Guide will make recommendations on how to make the most of their tax advantaged accounts.

The personalized portal gives your employees the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions when they need care, and save the difference.

Provide year-round access to health partners.

We've partnered with the best in the business to give your employees centralized access to telemedicine providers, price transparency tools, and medical bill negotiation services.

Spending less means more money left in their pockets and happier employees.  Lower claims generally result in a lower increase on next year's premiums; creating a more stable and predictable benefits program.

Real-time campaign and employee analytics

Centralized administration will give you access to all of the activity being generated by your employees.

You can view the response to each email campaign, target the most utlized services, and get live feedback on benefit recomendations being calculated for your population.

This gives you unparalleled insight into the impact of your benefit decisions.

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