We've developed an "On-Demand" UI which populates and renders necessary screens so that you can easily run our employee decision support tools from your own domain. This allows you to bring our complete guide experience directly into your application via one API call and a few lines of code.

Our integration contains everything developers need to setup benefits directly within an existing “system-of-record” so they can focus on what matters most.

Want to customize the experience? You can start by changing a few simple variables or go as in-depth as you'd like by overwriting css declarations for our decision support tools.

The Benefits Guide

Our agnostic approach helps users understand their health plan options and select the right plan for them based on their needs, utilization, and personalized out-of-pocket costs.

Additionally, our customizable employee decision support tool makes recommendations regarding HSA contributions and educates users how to save on health care throughout the year.

Integrated UIs

Everything your service team needs is available in our management console which provides an interface to build benefit packages for your clients and automatically store data on our server.

We made the tool as easy as possible for developers to integrate and built a portal that allows them to view documentation, browse code samples, and test requests in both staging and production environments which gives them the power to monitor and customize your integration.

Secure Architecture

DIAL is built around a rock solid cloud-based infrastructure actively deployed on AWS and managed by Aptible to ensure the highest level of security and HIPAA compliance. Every component of our application contains point-to-point encryption and is continuously backed up at multiple locations to ensure your client's data remains secure yet accessible when you need it.

An auto-scaling, load balanced environment ensures that our API can handle high volumes with ease during every critical enrollment period. Our experienced support staff is here to help with your integration needs and answer whatever questions you may have along the way.